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Here is a list (not complete but I will add as I find some more) of good websites I found useful to help with French learning, wether in Primary school or for the younger viewers. I will try and categorise them as I can.

Babelzone, our own interactive website is very extensive with a separate section for “Pour les Petits” (Younger ones) and “Pour les Juniors” which includes more vocabulary for the intermediate to more advanced primary age children. It includes various topics with games, stories, songs, dialogues, phonics and printout activities. Make sure your speakers are switched on.


BBC offers a great website complete with videos, audio files, photos, cards, games… on many different topic for French in Primary and Secondary school. They also have useful links attached. is quite an extensive website to learn not only vocabulary, but also words, useful sentences, cultures… Games are still basic and your children will need help to navigate through them, with ads to skip every so often too… still a good learning tool to consolidate the language learnt in class.