Summer Camp 2016

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Our Summer Camp 2016 only consisted of 2 days due to the school breaking for holidays halfway through the week. With Rio 2016 Olympics in mind, we held our own French Summer Camp Olympic games.

On Day 1 we learnt all about the Francophone countries taking part, naming the continents and learning all our shapes and colours to be able to draw the countries’ flags.

On Day 2 we focused our learning on the sports currently in the Olympics, with many verbs describing our actions and we learnt to express our liskes, dislikes and preferences.

During the 2 days, children were put in 4 different teams with a Francophone Country name. Children could score points for their team and individually for good French speaking and participation, for winning games, for helping others and generally having a good Olympian spirit.

We finished the Camp with a medal ceremony to grant Gold, Silver, Bronze and Green medals to the countries who marked the biggest score and our winning individuals too.

A very happy French Summer Camp with great memories 🙂 Bravo to all the children who took part!